Risk Assessment should be carried out in accordance with BE EN ISO 12100 2010. This is an extensive standard that demands consideration for the whole life cycle. It can be very daunting, even to just understand what is needed for a small simple machine.

Security through consulting and training

Wieland Electric offers in-house training tailored precisely to your individual needs on all topics relating to machine safety. Let us advise you and assist you with specific solutions.

The special software DOCUFY Machine Safety can significantly reduce the effort and time required to create legally-compliant risk assessments and it also offers an interface to the IFA's (German Institute for occupational safety and Health) free software tool SISTEMA. Wieland supports the application of SISTEMA with its extremely user-friendly libraries of all safety components.

Sustainable Concepts

Wieland Electric assists customers across the entire life cycle of a machine, for example from the creation of a suitable safety concept to optimised installation attuned to individual requirements.

Our accompanying training assists machine builders and operators in the long run.