High Performance Revos Power Contact Inserts – Flexibility And Functionality

High performance revos POWER contact inserts – flexibility and functionality

Wieland Electric has added new high performance revos POWER contact inserts to its range of revos POWER industrial connectors. Designed for application in control and power engineering of machinery and equipment, the contact inserts have been engineered for use with housing sizes 16 / 16H or 24 / 24H. revos POWER hybrid connectors are available with 4/8, 12/2, 6/12 and 6/36 terminals and the connectors feature 6 or 12 contacts designed for a maximum current of 40 A and 80 a respectively, and 2, 4, 12 or 36 contacts for a maximum current of 10 A.

The connection technology is integrated in power and control engineering, depending on the connector version, as compact axial screw connection or as crimp connection and provides a wide range of connectors within power (0.14 – 16 mm²) and control engineering (0.14 – 2.5 mm²). The maximum rated voltage is also model-related at 230, 400 or 690 V for the power contacts and 230, 250 or 400 V for the control contacts. revos POWER industrial connectors feature captive screws and are designed for 500 cycles of operation on average. With so many specifications in the different models, the revos POWER contact inserts are suitable for use in a wide range of applications and ensure individual assembly and installation.