​New Ethercat Gateway Sp-En-Etc - Security In Ethercat Networks

​New EtherCat gateway SP-EN-ETC - Security in EtherCAT networks

Wieland Electric is now offering an EtherCAT gateway with SP-ENETC for the safety controller samos® PRO COMPACT. The device is able to cover all safety functions of machines in combination with EtherCAT networks. The network data to and from samos® PRO can be easily configured via the programming tool samos® PLAN5+. Here, 50 bytes of user data are available for the bi-directional exchange of data.

The high performance of EtherCAT enables the installation of only one network in a machine or plant. Both inputs and outputs as well as drives communicate over a single medium or protocol. This simplifies not only installation, but also engineering.

EtherCAT is therefore widely used in many applications of mechanical engineering where the focus is on high machine dynamics and synchronous processes. Examples include packaging and woodworking machines, but also other areas such as the wind power industry.